YOY calculations - DOMO recommended formulas not working

I found this page for doing period-over-period calculations:




However, the one I really want is a YoY calculation for the same series, but when I try that formula, it comes back invalid:


DOMO YoY Calculation

Case year(`Datefield`) when year(curdate()) then 'This Year' when year(curdate())-1 then 'Last Year’ End


Updated for my data:

Case year(`FULL_DATE`) when year(curdate()) then 'This Year' when year(curdate())-1 then 'Last Year' End


Two things I noted:

1.) There is a single quote in the original formula that doesn't get recognized properly by Beast Mode (the last single quote).

2.) I have never seen a Case When statement where a criteria was called between the Case and When. I am relatively new to this, so it might just be my lack of experience.


Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you,


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  • RGranada
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    Try it like this:



    Case When year(`FULL_DATE`) = year(curdate()) then 'This Year'

              When year(`FULL_DATE`) =  year(curdate())-1 then 'Last Year' End


    Hope it helps.

    Ricardo Granada 

    [email protected]

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  • @ADerbak


    Here's an example of a beast mode I am using to calculate sales PYTD:



    case when `Invoice Date` <= DATE_SUB(DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), interval (DAYOFWEEK(CURDATE())) day), interval 1 year)
        and YEAR(`Invoice Date`) = YEAR(DATE_SUB(DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), interval (DAYOFWEEK(CURDATE())) day), interval 1 year))
        then `Extended Price` else 0



    Notice that the case statement is nested within a sum statement.  Ultimately that's what I'm needing to do, provide a sales total for prior year at the same point in time. 

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