Defect? Filled Gauge: Dropping 'Graph By' on Date Range when editing

Howdy folks,

I have a Filled Gauge which displays a Monthly Average Order Value against a target.

(Note, this occurs if the Target is manually set in the config, or set by field from the table)

(It also occurs for other time ranges such as week)


So, I select my card, add the Value and the Target.

Then I select my Date Range for the Card, and I select Graph by Month.





I save my card, all is good as shown below.





But I want to edit my Card, I open it and bang, the 'Graph By' has turned to 'None' and the card is displayed incorrectly as shown below.



Immediatly the ability to save the card is available for selection, so its possible you dont notice the change and click Save to exit, ultimatly saving the wrong card settings.

Bottomline, selecting to edit the card should not drop the 'Graph By' option.

FYI & Heads up.



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