Cards: Introduce Label Layers

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this is an extension of the request at :


This idea is to outline the idea of Indroducing Label Layers.


When we view this request in a wider scope, we mainly only have 1 option set to define the Data Label Settings.

(with a technical delivery hat on).. Could it be done that we duplicate the Data Label Layer in the card, having multiple layers, each with their own Data Label Setting options. Doing this provides each card with more label configurability and flexability. Additionally it might facilate alot of other data label ideas that have been submitted, such as allowing floating labels, custom macros labels etc etc. Each layer could be of a Label Layer type.

Group Label Settings.

Bar Label Settings.

Line Label Settings.

Floating Label Settings.

And each Card could have multiples of these, with the card designer being allowed to dynamically add additional layers of type they wish.






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