Google Analytics advanced connector missing returning users metric - not the same as total minus new

The Google Anlaytics quick start app has a Beast Mode for returning users which is calculated as total minus new. This is not correct. Returning users are an independent metric.


Here's an example to explain why. Assume a 7 day reporting period:


3 new users browse the site

1 of the new users returns to the site a couple of days later

2 users return to the site from a month ago


Total users = 5 

Total new users = 3

Total returning users = 3 (2 old users plus the new one who returned)


Could the returning users metric please be added to the GA connector? The only metric which is matching GA is New Users. Total users and returning are both different to GA. Needs investigation!



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  • Domo support confirmed that there isn't a metric in the GA API for returning users so I did some digging to work out how to calculate the metric.


    Bottom line is that reporting on total or returning users for any time period greater than 1 day won't be accurate when compared to GA.


    GA shows the number of unique users for the given time period. It isn't a sum of unique users for each day. The returning and total users totally depends on the time period being requested from GA (eg, if I visit the site on Monday, then again on Wednesday I'm counted as 1 unique user for that week)


    "New Users" is accurate since a user is new only once.


    Sessions are accurate for any reporting period and new/returning sessions can be calculated, but requires a GA Advanced connector with the User Type dimension included.


    Then, new & returning sessions can be calculated using these Beast Modes:


    (CASE WHEN `User Type` = 'New Visitor' THEN `Sessions` END)

    (CASE WHEN `User Type` = 'Returning Visitor' THEN `Sessions` END)



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