Show a grand total row in a table

Is it possible in Domo to show a Grand Total row in a table?  Or even write a beast mode and then show it as a row rather than a column?


For example..if you take a simple chart that shows:

Region    Sales   Orders    Ave. Orders


Then I'd like to show, at the bottom of the table, the total sales, total orders, and then the ave orders which is just sales/orders.


Any thoughts as to how this can be done?

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  • nruts36
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    In the new analyzer, it should appear under Chart Properties if you are using a Table Card. 


  • If you create a Table Card in Domo, you can select "Total Row" under the Properties section and then check the box for "Show Total Row". This will add a total row to your table. You can also add subtotal rows if you have multiple categories in your table. 

  • @nruts36 Thank you for your response.  It sounds good but I cannot find the "Total Row" under the properties section.  All I see under properties is:  General, Alignment, Attributes, and Colors.  None of those have "Total Row".  Sorry to be so slow, but what am I missing?



  • Thank you.  I'll look for this when I have access to the new analyzer.  Thanks for the response.

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