Prevent the sharing of Beastmode Calculations on the Dataset

There should be a way to prevent certain users from saving their Beastmode calculations onto the underlying Dataset. The OWNER of the dataset should be the only one that should have the ability to save the calculation to the dataset.

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    Thank you for submitting this @DomoTyro. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • Hi folks,

    Just some thoughts on this.

    Valid point regarding normal users not being able to save the BMCs to the DS, I can imagine that this can cause huge display of BMCs on the DS that other users dont know what they and ultimatly making the DS very complex and cluttered. However, i believe that the users should be able to save their BMCs to the DS. I would propose to store the BMCs for each DS under a user profile association to the DS. This way, users can still build up their BMCs and use them whilst not cluttering the 'view' of the DS to other users. An owner/admin of the DS could oversee these BMCs per user profile and select to view them if required thru selection options or even choose to allow them onto the default/general base view of the DS. Extending on this, it could be possible for users to share BMCs with other specific users if required. This opens the door for a implementation of DS BMC Management processes and views. 

    Overall, very well founded idea espicially when the user base of the DS is large.

    Would be interesting to hear to Domo PM feedback...



  • ...And admins should be able to see where the beast modes are originating and going so that clean-up can be initiated if some are wrong or duplications or confusing. 

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  • exactly, all would be coverd in a comprehensive DS BMC Management feature..


  • @DomoTyro This has come up before and we do have plans in the future to enhance this experience. Thanks for taking the time to submit this request.

  • @ckwright The last update on this subject was in 2017. Can you please give us an update of the feature request. I see this as still a very large issue that needs correction. Please let us know what Domo has in mind to help accommodate this issue. Obviously, this has been a request for a while and would be nice to understand. 

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