Reusable Drill Path Views

We would like to have resuable Drill Path Table Views. Instead of drilling down to the dataset table view, I would like all of my drill paths to end with a custommized table view (a small subset of fields from the dataset). This new customized table view is needed as the final view for all cards using that particular dataset. For now I have to recreate this final table view in the drill path for every single card created. If the concept of a "View Library" or the ability to associate this customized table view for other card's drill path it would be a huge time saver and ensure consistency between card drill path experieinces. So the ask is this:


1) A View Library that logs the Drill Path View Name and the Dataset it is tied to. As well as the ability to pick this Drill Path View from the library and associate it into the Drill Path for another card that is sourced from the same Dataset.

2) If 1 above it not feasible, then at least have the ability to customize the base dataset table view (without having to limit fields in the underlying dataset).



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