Show Only # Rows is Dropping Series

I have a stacked horizontal bar chart. 

Y = Sales Rep

X = Total Sales 2017

Series = Approved or Rejected. (The series is based on a beastmode)

Sorting = Sum of Amount - Decending. 


The data runs just fine, but when I try to use the Show Only # Rows function, It'll drop the second value created by the series and just give me the totals for series 1. 

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    Hi @Sweep_The_Leg


    The row limit function is limited (see what I did there?) in its helpfulness.

    Each row of data the card is rendering is a combination of rep, sales, and series, but you want to really limit it based on rep and sales.  That's not what you think you're doing when you enter a row limt, so that's why I describe it as less than helpful.

    One think you can try is increasing your row limit to 20 (10 reps with 2 series each).  See if that works and let us know how it went.



    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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