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I realize that the new analyzer is still in beta at the moment, but I'd like to suggest putting the 'series' functionality on the product roadmap for the new YOY feature. The current mode is helpful, but the lack of series for that functionality severely limits its usefulness for me since I can only compare one data point at a time. Adding series would be a great upgrade on a future release!


I have attached a visual of what I would expect and think would be helpful from putting a series into the YOY feature.

Brian Pohuski

Product Manager, Digital Services
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  • @RR-Pohuski Thanks for the suggestion!


    @chucki please have a look.


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    Thank you for submitting this @RR-Pohuski. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • @RR-Pohuski Thanks for this feedback, this is part of the next phase of PoP. 

  • In addition to being able to handle multiple series in the Period over Period Charts, could you also provide the ability to look to have the percentage change naturally displayed on the card.  I've attached an examples of the charts we currently produce in Excel.  It has the multiple series (this example product lines).  We can also flip the chart to put the Series on X Axis.  It also has the "Data Labels" programmed to show the the variance from Year over Year.  This is a very popular chart setup in our company and I thnk we could replace a lot of manual PowerPoint slides with this improved Period over Period option.  


    Domo-YOY Example.JPG




  • Thanks for the great idea suggestion.


    I am assigning this to @ckwright to review.



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