Embed Everywhere using integrated security

In regards to Domo's new Embed Everywhere functionality that allows embedding Domo cards into a website, has anyone come across a way to pass authentication to the cards programatically?


It feels rather cumbersome when there are multiple cards on a page, a user has to enter their credentials into each card.

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  • guitarhero23
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    Hmmmm that wasn't my experience. I was logged into Domo in a different tab already and when I embedded the card on a web page when I went to the page I already had access to it without having to log in again which I assume would mean that in your use case one login would be good enough.


    After logging in via one card have you tried refreshing the page to see if the other cards then recognized the credentials? It's possible that you log into one, interact with it, and the other cards haven't refreshed so they don't know you provided credentials already

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