Can I add more than one series on the Y-Axis for Period on Period Charts?


I am trying to see if I can add one than one series on the new Period on Period charts available. As of now, it allows for date on the x-axis and a series, in my case income, for the y-axis. I however want to compare serveral series, i.e. income & expense with the variance in change for both. Is this possible at this point? 


Below is a card created months ago before the PoP option where we had to create income CY, income PY, exp CY, etc. to get the outcome. It would be great if these new charts could do that! 





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  • Hello @nkranker


    What you're looking for isn't yet available as far as I can tell.  Feel free to add a post to the Ideas Exchange here or hit up Domo to see if that feature is part of the roadmap already.


    Your old cards look great, though!

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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