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Hi - I'm new and just started creating my first report card. What I want to do is to display:

Card 1:  a table with Page URL and Pageviews but excludes everything that contains /reports/ in the url

Card 2: a table with Page URL and Pageviews but includes only pages that contains /reports/ in the url (and excludes everything else)


In GA, this can be done easily by using the Include/Exclude advanced filter; however, in Domo, the In/Not In filter behaves differently and much limited in scope, meaning if I select /reports, the system only uses that one /reports page for the filter and misses out hundreds of sub pages like /reports/report1, /reports/report2.

Thanks for your help!


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  • Tomo



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    I think it is best to create an ETL and split the DataSet into two using ETL filters.

    Or you can create a BEAST MODE for FILTER as follows.


    BEAST MODE "Report Flag"
    INSTR (`URL`, '/ report /')


    ecludes: Report Flag = 0

    includes: Report Flag> 0



    ETL を作成し、ETLのフィルタを利用してDataSetを2つに分けるのが最善の策だと思います。

    もしくは、FILTER用のBEAST MODEを上記のように作成するのも手です。

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