Forward looking data lineage

It is awesome to see how a dataset was created, it would be nice to know what it is a part of looking the other way. Knowing what it is associated with and powering itself (other dataflows and eventually what cards etc)

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    Thank you for submitting this @AlexRomanoColts. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

  • I agree this would be hugely valuable.  Often times you forget all the different places you have decieded to levargae a data set.  Seeing them all in a single graph would be very helpful. 

    This could help reduce duplication of data sets

    - which would reduce demands on storage and server load from processing data sets

    - which would save you $$. ?


    MVP would be a simple list of data sets that were derived from this data set with links to navigate to that data set.

    MVP2 would be a graph like the current lineage.    

  • This idea is a duplicate of the idea here: . The linked idea has more votes than this idea.

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