Make blanks 0s in Sumo pivot


In excel there is an option you can set on pivot tables to display 0 for null fields. Is there a simialr setting in Domo for Sumo charts?

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     I dont think there is an option in the pivot card to display zero if the value is null.


    If your Product name does not change that much, you should be able to replicate the sumo card using table card. Use the [Created At] in the first column of the card and for the rest use a beast mode to do calculation for the product.


    Here is the ex:


    Option 1 :  IFNULL(SUM(CASE WHEN Product = 'Altalink B8075'  THEN 1 END),0)



    Option 2:

    SUM(CASE WHEN Product = 'Altalink B8075'  THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)


    You can use the same logic for rest of the product name. As I said, Its not feasible if  your product name changes or new one gets added frequently. But, If it relatively stays the same then this works fine. I have used for many reporting and it works like a charm. 


    Hope it helps!


  • Most likely in Excel you could do that, though I don't know how. In Domo you could use the isnull function in a beastmode.


    Used in logical statements in which you want to specify a replacement for null values.

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