Quick Filters - option to set default to show collapsed on card

Really like the addition of Quick Filters as an option, but would really love option of having them default to being collapsed.  We have a couple of cards where it will be beneficial to provde a couple of options for QF's.  Having them initially appear collapsed would give us a cleaner look, yet still enable ready access to getting quickly to what content is relevant to a particular person.  Additionally, when there are a fair number of values in a filter, subsequent QF's get pushed out the bottom of the visible card.  Granted, the user can collapse the Quick Filters themselves, but will need to do so each time they access the card.

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    Thank you for submitting this @LardnerPete. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • @LardnerPete Thanks for this call out, we do have this on our radar to make this possible on card details. 

  • Any update on this from Dev?... this would be really big for us.  We rely on quick filters alot... and ofter there are many values in each quickfilter box... and it hurts the usability for our users having to scroll down through long lists before getting to the quick filter they need.


    Jeff H.

  • Checking in on this to see if there was any movement on this request as it would be very beneficial to be able to alter the quick filters view on the card.


  • Any update on the request ?

  • Any updates on this request?

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