Is there a threshold to the number of quick filters i can apply to a card.

 When i try to apply more than 20 quick filters to a card and try to "save and close" all the filters that were already applied, dissapear and a message pops up at the top right of the screen saying " Your card could not be saved". 

Is there a maximum number of filters that can be applied beyond which the card doesnt allow you to save the card. 



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  • rahul93
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    There is a threshold of 20 filters, if the user attempts to add another above 20 then the card crashes. 

  • ST_-Superman-_
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    I've run into an issue with saving cards when using a beastmode field as a quick filter.  Try removing any beastmodes from the filters and see if that will allow you to save the card.  

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  • @rahul93 Thanks for the question. There is not a max limit on the number of Quick Filters you can apply.  You can use the save button along the way as you add more Quick Filters. So after adding 5 you can Save the card in Analyzer and it will not exit, this way you do not lose the work you completed.  

  • @ckwright If there is no max limit to the number of quick filters, then why does the card keeps crashing whenever it exceeds 20 filters?

  • There is no issue with saving the card. I can save the card but if i try to add another filter after that then it crashes. But if i close and reopen the card it has the 20 filters that were there before the crash. 

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