Org Chart Type Card in Domo

It would be great for Domo to add a new "Org Chart" type card to expand the HR solutions section. This would be beneficial for creating thet raditional org charts and other visual cards to help explain other structures in a visual way. 


Chart.PNGOrg Chart.PNG

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    Thank you for submitting this @kavdeyev. I am assigning to our product manager@Gavatar to review and comment.

  • I would second this type of card.  It would be very helpful for us.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We are investigating adding this chart type. We will look at both the vertical and horizontal options. 

  • Sweet, looking forward to this. We currently utilize a format like this for an overview of VMRS (Vechicle Maintenance Repair Standards).

    So it would be helpful if the designed allowed for metrics as well as labels.


  • Thanks again. Great input.

  • @Gavatar is this still in the works?

  • we would find this very useful as well! 

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