How to build a card which show the latest-date data only?


How to build a card which show the latest-date data only?

Hello,I'd like to build cards based on them which show the "latest-date" data only automatically.

I have a card,
Its dataset which are updated by Tuesday and Wednesdey.

The card's Date Range is This Week.
After updated,It's a good display.
but when next Monday,The card has no data!
Then,I change Data Range "This Week" to "Previous Week",
The card is good looking.
But,nextday,it's tuesday,I update the dataset,
The card has no data again...
Then,I change Data Range "Previous Week" to "This Week".

This is my task every week,but I want to stop it.
Please teach me setting to show the "latest-date" data only and automatically.


P.S. I can't write English very well,Is there a person who can write Japanese well?


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    It sounds like the 'last 7 days' may be a better timeframe than current or previous week. To change this, go to the analyzer for the card. On the top right of the card window, you should see a dropdown, where you change between current and previous week, select 'Last' and then choose '7 days' and then 'by Week'. It should look like the following:


    This way, when Monday comes and the data is only from Tuesday or Wednesday it will still show on your card.


    Let me know if you have any issues setting this up. 


    Hope this helps!





  • HI,


    That behavior is very strange as for all I know DOMO weeks by default start on Sunday. I think you have 2 ways to go:


    You can contact DOMO support and configure your fiscal calendar setting to have the week on Monday, as it appears that your instance is configured to start the week on Tuesday, and then use fiscal calendar on that card.




    As a workaround you can try this :make a Beast Mode like this :


    BeastMode Name :CurrentWeek


    CASE WHEN WEEK(`Date Column`,22) = WEEK(Curdate(),22) THEN 'True' ELSE 'False' END


    Then you filter your card with this Beast Mode (Add the beast mode to the filter area and select True). The downside to this method is that if you try to filter at view time to any other date it won't give results. The card will only show results from the current week.


    Hope this helps.



    Ricardo Granada 

    [email protected]

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  • Thank you for your wonderful reply.
    I got the card I wanted!


    I did not know that the beginning of the week is fixed on Sunday at DOMO.
    I learned that as long as I set the data range to week, the card is subjected to that constraint.


    Thank you so much again.






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