Adopt Client Testing Before Releasing Upgrades

We should have the oportunity to test new Domo upgrades BEFORE they are released into our production instance. Every client does things a bit differently and we should have the ability to review (and have managers review) our cards, alerts, automated report, etc. before a new Domo upgrade is released. When the last release came out a bug was missed that removed all formatting from a card that was saved from one page to another. We have a Library of cards that our managers use. They find cards they like and copy (Save As...) them to their private dashboards were they can modify as they wish. We were in the middle of Mid-Year reports when the bug hit and managers could not get what they needed. No matter how much testing is done at Domo only each client can really give the final "thumbs up" to a new release.

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    Thank you for submitting this @frwern01. I am assigning to our product manager @chucki to review and comment.

  • no better people to test than the users ?

    just active mirror our tennent data into the test area and we can help and test and offer suggestion before release ?

    awsome idea.



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