Survey Monkey Table Adjustment



The current Response Table from the new connector yields the following headers:



How it shows when exporting straight from the site:



The Excel export starts with the basic information and then continues along with the questions in each separate column as opposed to the row values yielded by the connector.


The connector does not yield functional tables. Is there an alternative as to how these tables can produce telling visuals?


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  • Yes please!! I tried to start working with the new SurveyMonkey connectors and I couldn't make heads or tails out of it.


    I tried a DataFusion with the help of Support, since the various reports are limited in what they individually bring in, and still got nowhere -- plus the column names become so long I can't see what's what (see below).


    I do find that SurveyMonkey tables often need to be transposed when brought out into excel. For instance if you ask a survey respondent to rate their interest in product A, B, and C, in separate questions, those pull into separate columns, on per product, with the rating as the value within the column -- so you have to work with the data to create a column that represents the product, and a second column for the rating, if you want to be able to compare amongst them. Not very helpful in the native format, so I imagine it will need some work once in Domo as well.


    Bottom line, SurveyMonkey connectors are confusing, and help/improvements would be appreciated!



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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  We have informed our engineering department of the request through ticket # DOMO-39274.  This is an internal designation for ticketing so I will update this thread with any changes to the ticket status.

  • @Court can you please take a look at this?

  • @swyatt,


    Thank you for your feeback! The Connections Team will discuss how to integrate your SurveyMonkey enhancents into our connector. 

  • Did this get resolved?  I'm having the same problem with the qualtrics API.

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