Can an alert be set if a data flow is changed?

Is it possible to be notified when a change is made to an existing dataflow? Ideally I would like to receive an email or some sort of notification any time a data flow transform is edited or updated. 

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    You could build your own using Domo. There are datasets called 'Domostats' (I think you have to call support and have them enable them in your instance, I can't remember offhand) which show metadata about your instance. There is one called 'Domo Dataflow' which has metadata about your dataflows, one attribute of which is the 'last modified date', so you could build a dataflow that flags when the last modified date = today (or whatever your logic may be), build a card that only shows those records, and then fires an alert to you anytime the number increases by 1 (or otherwise changes). 




  • Domo doesn't have that capability.  It sounds great, though.  I can think of many times that would have been beneficial to my team.  Post it up on the ideas exchange!


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  • cthtcc
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    Has the status on this alert functionality changed since this was posted?  I would like to be alerted realtime of run errors on data sets.

  • cthtcc
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    This is fantastic. Thanks very much!