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I am planning to add several new users at a particpant level.  Since they are not making cards and are limited in other ways, I'd rather they not view videos that include what they cannot access.  I've been checking the videos in Domo University and haven't found anything that just targets this audience.  Additionally, it is not easy to share videos with new participants other than emailing them the name of a video and telling them how to navigate to Domo University.  But I have commented on that idea in another post.

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    Thanks @SEC for the great idea.  I'm forwarding this over to our team that is responsible for Domo University to review further.  Thanks again.

  • @SEC Great to hear from you again! I am proud to announce [Insert drumroll here] that we are in the final QC stage of a Participant User app for data consumers. This app would show specifics of what those users can/should access and will help you train your teams at scale. Look for it in the Appstore in the next couple weeks!


    -Jeri Larsen

  • Thanks so much for this new app Data Consumer Training.  It does just what I wanted it to do and more for onboarding our new users who are not creating cards.  Great job!

  • So glad to hear that, @SEC.


    Keep us posted if there are other training gaps you see.



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