Enhanced UX Ideas Exchange & User Profile page in Dojo

Hi folks,

Just some quick ideas on the Ideas Exchange section of Dojo.



On the main Ideas page, we can see 'Idea Statuses'.

It would be great to add an additional pane where it shows 'My Idea Statuses'.



On the main Ideas page, we have a list of ideas with the initial post displaying.

Underneath, we can see Labels, Tags, View All, Comments.

It would be great to see the follow stats also:

- Number of My Comments

- Total Comments

- Total Views

- Number of Replies Liked

--this would require enabling likes on replies, its often a reply can add more beef to the original idea.



With my user profile, where all my posts are listed under Latest Posts, Liked Posts, Posts I've Liked, there is no distinction between standard posts or Ideas, etc... similar to other listings, it would be nice to see the Comment and Idea icons beside the items.



Again, under User Profile:

under Latest Posts, Liked Posts, Posts I've Liked, the list is not grouped, and hence we can see numerous repeating topics in the same list.

The problem here is that the post itself is being listed, so if i comment 3 times, i get 3 comments listed on the same topic. I think it would be better to display the topic here with the number of comments grouped underneath. (plus the addition of the extra detail in item 1 and 2 above.


thats all,

thanks for reading.


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