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Unless I am using Buzz incorrectly, when I need to view a buzz conversation, I click on the red notification and I have to click several times on red dot notifications to get to the message.  If a buzz message is about a specific card, it seems that when I click on the notification, it should take me straight there.  Also, there are several ways to start a buzz conversation. Since I would think most conversations would be about a card or a page, it seems it would be best that those should be the only two options to send a message.   

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  • Buzz needs MAJOR simplification... 

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @SEC. I am assigning to our product manager @DaveR to review and comment.

  • Any updates on this? Or planned changes to Buzz?  We're planning to get more execs to use Domo Buzz, but with the number of clicks to get to a message, we're reluctant.  We wanted execs to feel comfortable talking with managers, but this functionality might discourage that.

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    @DaveR please provide an update on this.


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