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Currently, we have the desire to send a mass email to select users on a given Domo page and utilized the "@all" function to do so. However, we noticed that you either get the Buzz message OR an email message, but not both.  After speaking to Domo Support, we identified the "Send email and SMS even when online" setting, but came to find out that it's not something we can control on a universal level as admins.  It would be great if we could set up global settings to ensure that when announcements are made, they go out to those users via Buzz and email. Right now, only each individual user can make this update to their notifications and that is not a reasonable solution at the moment. 

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  • I would like to second the call for this functionality. It would surely increase platform adoption if we could send it whenever we wanted.

  • I could still use this functionality myself, and being able to send from Buzz has the benefit of getting users to log into the system for adoption strengthening.


    From the time I made this request, we ended up caving to establishing distribution groups, one for all users and another just for our editors, to cater to the need. The value is that we can reach out all in one shot if we have an announcement to make or issue to raise.  The downside is that we have to manage those distros anytime we have new users come on board or if users drop off. Luckily our instance is still at a user level that's manageable but I can see how it could get unwieldy when it gets in to the hundreds to thousands of users to manage.

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