New Instagram API - request to improve current connector


On 31st August 2017, Instagram has released pubblic API that allows users to get data automatically that previously could only be unloaded manually. 

We constantly get requests from our clients to get those data and now finally we will be able too.


We have requested Domo to expand the current Instagram connector to provide the following data via the new API.


High priority metrics

If possibile we require the minimum available granularity, daily.


User Metrics

  • Impressions
  • audience_gender_age
  • website_clicks
  • profile_views
  • reach
  • online_followers



Media Metrics


              Photo and Video Metrics

  • engagement
  • impressions
  • reach
  • saved
  • video_views


Carousel Album Metrics

  • carousel_album_engagement
  • carousel_album_impressions
  • carousel_album_reach
  • carousel_album_saved
  • carousel_album_video_views

Story Metrics

  • exits
  • impressions
  • reach
  • replies
  • taps_forward
  • taps_back



Medium priority metrics

Ideally we require all metrichs available at the following links:



We think this would be a very good improvement.

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  • @Millhouse please have a look at this.


    CC @btm

    Dani aka "Mr.Dojo"

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  • @DaniBoy@mmanuzzi We are super excited about the new API! We have already begun work on enhancing the existing Instagram connector to match what is available via the API. We still haven't determined the granularity of the data that we will be able to pull, but our goal is to make the data as usable as possible. Hope this helps!

  • Great! Looking forward hearing back from you with more good news Smiley Very Happy


  • btm



    Updating the status to Approved per @Millhouse comments about enhancing the Instagram connector.

  • Hi! 

    Could you please provide an update on the progress of this task? 
    Is there an ETA for the realease?

    Indeed we are awaiting to update some dashboard with the new available data. 


    Thank you

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