How to add Multiple Targets in one chart?

Is there a way to have multiple targets on one chart? For example, I have a stacked bar chart with multiple regions, and each region has a different target. I am able to set one goal line in the chart, but is there a way to set different targets for each region? 

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  • nalbright
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    I would think that it would be easier to set the multiple targets in the dataflow itself, where one could compare revenue/sales/etc. with the targets provided in your own data, so that the targets could be a part of the graph.

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    There's a little "hack" I use to set what I call threshholds on a card. It doesn't work if you need to have a target line that moves based on seasonality or some other criteria, but it works if you just need more than one static goal line on a chart. 


    It's pretty simple actually

    1. Create a new beast mode with an intuitive name 
    2. Use the avg formula to create a series with the same value no matter what (eg if you need to always be above 50K in a region for sales, use AVG(50000)
    3. Create as many as you need and simply add them as additional series to your chart
    4. Place them to the far left of the series and then use your chart settings to show the same number of lines as you have set goals 
    5. Finally, add in your actual data and you will see it trending along with your newly created beast modes
  • John-Peddle
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    Submitted a request for a variation on this very helpful hack, and the URL is if it's possible, any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance...


  • Falfaro
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    I would suggest ussing the "Grouped Bar + Symbol" chart and make the symbol values the target for each bar.


    multiple target bar chart.png


    Good luck



  • In order to do that, though, one would have to have a column with the targets set for each region, right?

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  • Falfaro
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    Yes. you need to add a new column for tagets in your data source



  • That definitely looks like a chart type that would be useful for me in some of the kpi that I monitor.

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  • @dbaydina, Did the above suggestion help? Please let us know. Thanks!

  • In association with the comments above, I would also recommend a Bullet Chart.

  • Falfaro
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    Yes! a bullet chart  also allows to set thresholds and stretches for each outcome. 

  • It depends on how complex your goals are. If all you need to do is set a threshhold, you can do that in Beast Mode. Ror example, if you need to show in you chart that you want a rate to never fall below 5% and never go above 10%,  you can create columns in Beast Mode by simply doing the following


    Name: Upper Limit

    Calc: AVG(.1)


    Name: Lower Limit

    Calc: AVG(.05)


    This will create series you can add to your chart. If you need to set completely custom goals, you'll have to leverage data flow to incorporate that data into your chart.

  • @dbaydina, please let us know if any of the above suggestions helped ?

  • It was fantastic to get so many replies! Thank you! I have ended up setting multiple targets in the dataflow itself

  • You're very welcome; I'm glad to be able to help.

    "When I have money, I buy books. When I have no money, I buy food." - Erasmus of Rotterdam
  • I'm curious how you did this?  Is this anything you can share in an image?

  • Hi @canioacaputo, please feel free to open up a new thread for better exposure!

  • Capture.JPGIs it possible to add a functionality to have multiple axis goals? A use case for this request would be that my company identifies a worse case and best case for some metrics and that would require 2 possible goals within a card. 

  • Thanks! That's a cool hack, it definitely works in certain cases - just tested it! 

  • Did a new thread for this get opened? I am curious to see how to add the targets in the dataflow.




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