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I am having the hardest time just creating a simple card. My data is in the screenshot below. X-axis should be month, Y-axis should be commission, bars should represent the SUM of commission per month, and I would like the line to be a count of buyers. 


I am unable to toggle between COUNT and SUM when I put Commission in the Y-axis position. Did I set up something incorrectly within the excel spreadsheet? Excel can create the exact graph I want in about 5 seconds, I'm not sure why I'm having so much trouble doing this in Domo. 

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    Is your Commission field a numeric field? Does DOMO report it in the measures group?

    If not you can use this BeastMode to convert your Commission field to numeric and then you can add it to your y-axis and select SUM.






    You can also check your excel spreadsheet and make sure the column is formatted as a number...


    Hope this helps

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