Warning: Not all the data is shown

Hi.. I have created drill down view in table format and it is not showing all data. How to enable all the data to be shown.Though there are only less than thousand records.. it is still showing the warning message "Warning: Not all the data is shown". Any solution for this?


  • Hi @arav are you seeing this message in the analyzer (Card builder) screen as you're building the drill down or are you seeing this after you select a value on the top level of the card and then drill through? I would think that a filter applied at the top level would filter it enough to show all the records (Especially with only 1k rows). Maybe some screenshots of what you're seeing?

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  • Hi, Xerva. Thanks for the reply. I have created a simple table chart and it is not showing all the rows. I think it is limited 700 rows. Please find the attached screenshot.

  • If you want to see all the data, then you will have to export the table card (drill down) to a spreadsheet. For some time now, the data that is shown in the table cards has been limited.

  • Is there a plan in place to expand the number of rows that can be shown? I too have a table with less than 1000 rows and get this message.

  • sgray
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    I'm having a similar issue where an entire file (128,608 rows) is rendered in a table card.  I do get the "Warning: Not all the data is shown."  message but by giving the users three filters, they are able to filter and search for the appropriate record.  


    Since the last upgrade, the corresponding filter values show up in the filter results and can be clicked on but when they are selected, the table says "No Data Exists", even for the top records that do display on the unfiltered card.  This data product was tested and WORKING before the upgrade.  Are there any plans to restore this functionality?

  • Has Domo made any statements around this?... this is a huge issue for us.  We rely heavily on table cards for our users... and not being able to view all the records in a table card is a huge problem.  Telling them they have to export the records to view them completely defeats the purpose of Domo and doesn't do any good on the mobile platform.



  • sgray
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    The issue resolved the next time the source file was reported.  This has happened in the past. We will continue to monitor and report when it occurs.

  • Hi,


    I am encountering a similar issue with the warning message.


    Does anyone know the row limits or has DOMO told anyone what the defined limits are? 


    I see in the knowledge base that the row limits are posted to 3 columns but the table that I have in question has 8 columns: 

    Table - Domo

  • I'm going to jump on this bandwagon.  I also have a table card that won't show all data.  Having to export completely defeats having Domo.  I could just email an excel file.

  • Hi,


    Yeah this is a major step backwards. 

  • From my understanding, the limit is not on the number of rows but how much data is shown. Hence, the less columns you show, the more rows should show.  

    Domo Arigato!

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  • Just testing Domo out, and my team has come across this same issue.  Is it possible to paginate the results?  Just an idea for a potential solution.

  • Agreed. Whats the purpose of Domo if there is a limit on the entries shown. I am getting the same message. I don't want to download this into an Excel file. 

    Has Domo found a way to solve this issue?

  • That seems a little dramatic, Domo it plenty useful for hundreds of other things, just because a limitation exists on the amount of rows shown on a table card doesn't make the whole platform worthless. I don't know whether it's a technical limitation they set because of how Domo handles that data being shown or they limit it due to browser performance degredation or something else but I usually take it as a hint that looking at thousands of rows of data isn't really the best thing for the end user to do. Are you expecting them to actually look through 10,000 rows of data? The whole point of Domo and other BI platforms is to take all of this data and present it in a meaningful, higher level way and then with the power of drilling down dive deeper into specific sections. So you build the cards so that when they get down to the table it is a smaller subset of data that hopefully is less than 1,000 rows. If it's more yes, you should export it out and perhaps use something like Excel to do further manipulation of viewing. What is your use case that you need a user to read all over 1,000 individual rows? Why don't they add a filter to reduce the amount of rows? It may be nice if the limit was raised to something over 1,000 but what's a realistic number you'd want? Why would you ever want a user to browse 100,000 rows in a table in a browser?

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  • One of Domo's strength is data integration from different platforms (google analytics, MOAT, Emails), and that too in an automated way. When you integrate all of this data, you might want to see it together by making pivots. Other BI platforms can do that easily, and display it in the form of tables in pivots. There is absolutely a need for this in Domo, and simply highlighting Domo's other functions does not mean that this issue should be sidelined. 

  • I agree that, ideally, the purpose of domo (and the BI group in our organization) is to do the heavily lifting of the data analysis/aggreation/etc. in Domo and present easier to digest results to the user.  The vast majority of the time, that is exactly what we do.


    However, for us (sales organization with a heavily segmented sales group),  there is no way we will be able to create clean reporting for all their needs/wants, and they are always going to want to do their own analysis that is specific to their "area".  So, we have two options:


    1. Give them editor access to domo to create their own reporting

    2. Use domo as a mechanism to deliver to them varying degrees of "raw" data so that they can perform additional analyis locally in excel or other similar tools.


    We tried #1 and ruled it out pretty quickly because they simply don't have the knowhow when it comes to understanding how data works... especially when it involves joining multiple datasets.  Our sales people are good at selling, they are not good at the fundementals of business intelligence/data mining/etc.  They were creating reports that just didn't make any sense and were passing them along to internal groups... causing problems.


    So for now (until BI can grow enough to have discipline specific BI analysts sitting with each group... sales, HR, marketing, etc.) we are forced to control domo development ourselves... and provide them the raw data as they ask for it.


    And while it is true that exporting the data from a table card returns all the relevant data... limiting the displayed records on the card is pretty confusing for the folks using it.  So while this isn't a complete show stopper for us... it is still a pretty significant pain point.



  • @Jeffsnake In a perfect world and you could see all rows in the table what is the expectation of what the end user would do for a table card (asking so I understand how they might use it), want to make sure I'm understanding the pain point correctly. Not having editing capabilities limits what they can do in Domo so if all Ex. 200,000 rows were available in the browser in a table what happens next that isn't available to them now? I'd love to see more capabilities in Domo of what a non edit user can do with a table card in terms of creating some pivots/groupings on the go and things like that. What's an example of how it's done in another BI tool?

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  • @guitarhero23  - When we provide table cards like this to our users, it usually comes along with many quick filters.  So they may start at seeing 10,000 rows... then using quickfilters, they narrow it down to a smaller popoulation.  Then they might just poke around there in domo, or they might export for analysis outside of domo.  Really we are using the table card as a "raw data delivery mechanism".  We have tried doing this with a sumo card instead, which might make more sense in this context... but the major flaw with sumo cards is that you can't "search" for a field when trying to add it to the results, you just have to scroll through the list of fields... and some of our datasets have hundreds of fields...  and you can't even sort the list alphabetically, so it is basically broken.

  • @Jeffsnake Your point about hundreds of fields is definitely something I've wanted in Domo, I'll search to see if an idea suggestion has been posted. I'd love to be able to define the fields that users have as options when filtering by card. For those large datasets it's definitely hard for them to navigate through, I'd also love to rename them because as the admin I might want the column to be named the same in Domo as it is named in the database but for the user they'd rather see "color" than "CurrentBikeColorAdded" or whatever other crazy column names exist in the tables

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  • Yes, that's what I kept thinking too, paginating would be nice, not sure it's possible.

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