Search Term and other dimensions in Google Analytics

Hello everybody,

I've been working with Google Analytics and Domo for more than a year. I know that Google Analytics connector is still in Beta and I was hoping that it this new conector allow us to select the dimensions and metrics we are looking for. This conector has predefined dimensions and metrics (that can be useful for most users) but I would like to use other dimensions that are not included. For example, I want to create a new card that shows the top Search Terms of a specific view (profile) but I cannot find this dimension in the the predefined Analytics report.


Should I contact Domo Support so they can create a custom data source for me or Domo has plans of changing this connector to let the users pick their own metrics and dimensions?



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  • cmarkum
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    We wanted some other metrics that were not included in the predefined data sources and had to contact support to create a new data source for us. I'm hoping that they create something that we can manage ourselves.