Target Data Once against many in data set/card

Most of our cards are a measure against targets.  These targets typically change by location and major period (typically a month).  Our data is either daily or weekly, and rendered as such.  We want to be able to render actual activity to targets based on the timing (daily/weekly/monthly) and not have to load the target basis data to each of those time periods within the month, but once.  Then still be able to compare to the daily/weekly to it.

For clarity...  if I have a target of number of accidents and total miles, I can create a frequency target based on X accidents/million miles for a % frequency.  I can then roll that up through my hierarchy for regional, area, total targets.  These are for the month.  I capture the actual data (accidents and miles daily/weekly) and want to compare that daily/weekly actual frequency to my monthly target BUT not have to load the target accidents and miles to each day or week.  This is the limitation of having only one data set per card and creates significantly more data load (targets) than necessary.

Of course, this limitation (one data set per card) also limits a user to have to always load "tags" about an item to each data set as well and not have a master reference.  For instance location or product tags (loc: rural, union, large) and be able to do comparatives and change in one place.  But that's another story!

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