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Hello all,

I'm very new to Domo and in particular Beastmode.  

In this case, I do not have access to the dataflow behind the chart.  

I'm trying to count the number of yes and no responses for each unique ID number to put into a stacked bar chart.  My X-Axis is the person and the Y Axis is the total number of unique items stacked by Yes/NO.  The same ID will never have a Yes and No.  The response will always be the same for each ID, but the ID could be listed many times.  Sample data below:


3Paul Yes
Desired OutputYESNO


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.





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    To get a unique count based on the ID and Person, I believe the following should work for you. Here is the BeastMode I used in testing:



    And here is a screenshot of the setup/results:image.png















    This seems to capture what you're looking for. If not, please let me know how I can help further.



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  • Thank you.  This worked with one exception.  It is showing 1 more response that actual unique id's.  Not sure why.  I've actually manually counted the data and the unique id count is correct.  Any ideas?


  • Is it possible that you have either an ID or Person with either a leading or trailing space or some other character? 


    Is it 1 additional count for every unique ID or for only 1 person?

  • I've exported the data to excel and used sumproduct to count unique values by id and then concatentated the id with the yes/no and the persons name.  Shows 26 in the id column and 27 in the concatentated column.  It has to be something in the data.  I will keep trying to determine the problem.

    The bottom line is the Beastmode formula worked!  Thank you  I will mark it approved!

  • For some reason my beast mode is not recognizing the concat command. Can you screen shot what your beastmode looks like in the screen?