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I have a simple table card: Employees in column A and counts of various system entries in B, C, D, etc. Since their numbers will vary as time goes on, I would like to highlight the largest value/count as of that moment in each count column. Since it's not a static number and there's no goal to judge against, i can't do 'if cell B > X then CONCAT...'.  Any ideas?

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    This seems like a good topic to add to the Ideas section.  It would be nice to apply some dynamic rules to the color rules.  Right now, when you add color rules to a table, it will give you the Min, Avg, and Max values.  It would be nice to apply the rules to the Max value.  Instead, I think the work around here is to just type in the max number for each column and assign a fill color.  Granted, you will likely need to change these rules each time you are wanting to highlight the leaders, so not ideal.  But I am not aware of any other way to accomplish this.1.png






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