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I uploaded a (very) simple dataset that shows an example of daily raw numbers (example use case is email sends).  I can then created two beast mode calculations to determine the click_rate (`total_clicks`/`total_sends`) and complaint_rate (`total_complaints`/`total_sends`).


Ideally I'd like to be able to see all of the data points.  The raw stats (`total_sends`, `total_clicks`, `total_complaints`) as a bar chart (possibly with MoM), [see raw_stats.png].  However the thing I'm not able to do is show multiple rate/percentage lines [see rates.png].


Note: the goal here is to be able to see how our raw numbers are progressing over time (spot any dips/spikes) but also be able to correlate/see any dips/spikes in our corresponding rates.


I can obviously generate each of these separately.  Is there any mechanism to "overlay" two graphs on top of each other as that would (more or less) also solve my use case here as well.

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    Hi JSuggs-


    You can accomplish this with a Line + Grouped Bar card.1.png





    Under the General Chart Properties tab, you will want to specify 2 series on the Left Scale:2.png





    You will then want to graph `date` on the x axis, and your two beastmodes as the next two fields (Click Rate and Complaint Rate)  One note here is that you will need to select an aggregate function for the second beastmode.  Since each row of data represents one day and we are graphing by day, this won't effect your data.  I chose MAX.  Then you will place your other fields: SUM total_sends, SUM total_clicks, SUM total_complaints.3.png








    However, because the rates are so different, I would suggest making a separate visualization for Click rate and Complaint rate:









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