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We have the important need from our Sales team to publish and share customers data to them so they can get real time access to their numbers rather than having to send them reports periodically.


The best way to do this are the publications which work very well, however, when you have hundreds of customers, you currently need to create hundreds time the same set of cards because the page filters are not applied to the exported publication. The best and simple way to fix this would be to apply filters on Publications directly so we would need to create only one set of cards in a page. For sure we would need to create hundreds of Puclications which still seems painful, but at least, once done, it easy to manage.


Maybe just in my dreams, but I would even suggest kind of merging the Report Scheduler with the Publications functionalities because both have common goals at some point. For me Publications have some functionnalities that Report Scheduler misses and vice and versa. Report Scheduler are not a real one since you only get a small un readable preview and absolutely need to have Domo user account to see something while Publications lack of flexibility, but have the visual I miss from the Report Scheduler.



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