Can we select a Single value as default in Quick Filter

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I have a requirement. In Filter I need to select all columns in the card level is there an option select only one value by default.

Example :

In Filters I have two columns. External & Internal  I need to select and make it is Display as Quick Filter.


After Saving and when I Open the card External should be selected by default.


Thanks in Advance.

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    Yes, you can!


    First, add the column as a filter. Don't filter anything here. Check the quick filter button.

    1-2017-09-28 16_50_57-Sample Data - Domo.png


    Then go to the quick filters section (on the right - you may need to activate the quick filters pane from the toolbar at the top) and apply the filter you want.

    2 - 2017-09-28 16_51_09-Sample Data - Domo.png


    The card is now filtered by default to what we selected on the inside.

    3 - 2017-09-28 16_51_31-.png


    Also for future reference, if you want to prevent all the other options from showing up on the quick filter, you can select things on the Filter pane. 

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