Include Timeframe when exporting to Excel

It would be nice when exporting a file to excel if the timeframe selected at the time of export could be noted somewhere in the file.  Even if not displayed in a cell, if placed in the properties portion of the excel file, perhaps in the comments or keywords field.


The business case for this would be that if an excel file output had been generated from Domo and then further manipulated, I could then answer questions about what timeframe the original data belonged to.


For my purposes, ideally it would be a text string formatted such as:

Previous Quarter; Calendar; Generated 2017-09-29 14:00:23

Year to Date; Fiscal; Generated 2016-09-22 08:27:00

Between 2017-01-01 and 2018-01-03; Generated 2017-09-29 10:46:12




Thank you for your time and consideration.

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