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Maybe this is something available and I'm unaware, but I think it would be helpful for me if there was a section where Power Users could post in the Dojo some of their more innovative cards that they have built. Or even, if there is a competition a few times a year to earn a Dojo badge.


I'm just feeling that it would be good for me personnally, in order to get some inspiration by some of our genius minds in the Dojo, in order to then better improve our own organization's experience.

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  • @Echelon


    Great suggestion! We have run a few contests in the past and been discussing exactly this.


    We have a best practices board that may be under utilized and I am working on program to drive more of this.


    In the meantime, check out the contests we did from 


    January 2017

    January 2016


    Both have a lot of great content and beast mode formulas.


    We will be working on another contest soon.




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