Make Web Forms really usable by end users

There are a lot of use cases where a small dataset need to be entered and maintained by 1 or more end users. While this could be done using Excel/SHeets there are a number of reasons why an end user interface for editing a web form would be more useful:

  1. Charts are updated as soon as the web form is updated. 
  2. Its simpler for the user to understand when there is something on the page they edit that immedaitely updates the charts.
  3. A webform could be more robust and sustainable than uploading spreadsheets, e.g., correct data types, column names, deal with multiple updates, central management of the format/types etc etc.


I'm proposing a gadget that provides an interface to edit web forms that can be placed on any page. This would:

  • Display the web form data and allow it to be added to or updated. This could be the current web form UI.
  • Enforces the dataset's column types,  i.e., number vs string, so  data entered by the user matches the dataset and doesn't change the dataset type.
  • Enforce optional column validations, e.g.,  is less than 100, or one of "A", "B", "C" (think Excel/GSheets)
  • Enforce filters (like in a Chart) so only matching rows are shown, e..g, rows assocaited with this page/collection. When adding new rows or updating current rows, the contents of the filtered column should be validated agasint the filters and must match.
  • Support ad-hoc, user set filtering and sorting (like in Sumo), so the user can work on just a sub set. 
  • Apply optional formatting to the columns, i.e., number or percent, 2 decimal places etc
  • Enforce PDP, i.e., user can only see data they are permitted to see.
  • Optional aggrigations, i.e., total or count at the bottom of the form

In short, think of a subset of Excel/GSheets featured when used for simple data entry of a table. 

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  • Who needs a gadget for this? Just let us create data validation columns or drop down columns in the webform so it can replace the google docs we use across our company in most instances.

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    @D-Rab  there is an add-on product for that called 'form builder'.  ask your CSM for details.  

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