Sumo Cards in Publication Groups

Sumo cards are a great way to give a view with more detail and month over month numbers  in a table format versus a chart.  Need the SUMO card to be avaialble to publication groups and follow the publication group filters and restrictions.

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea.  We have informed our engineering department of the request through ticket # DOMO-39275.  This is an internal designation for ticketing so I will update this thread with any changes to the ticket status.

  • We really need this to happened.

    My publication is all missing the Sumo Card..


    Please put this on priority.

    Thank you,


  • @StevenC can you please take a look at this?

  • I get at least one request a week that would be best suited in a Sumo card and pushed out to the masses via publication group.  Instead, we're forced to create each card individually and filter each.  This process is extremely inconvenient to deploy as well as manage.

  • Hi,


    Any development on this suggetion?


    Kindly put this on high priority.




    @StevenC @product_John

  • Hi Jhona,


    We are working on new features for Publication Groups to allow Sumo and other card types. Although I cannot say yet when we will be complete, I can say that we are working to improve Publication Groups in the very near future, and in some great and exciting ways.


    Thanks for asking and following up with me on this, and please stay tuned!



  • @btm please provide an update

  • @DaniBoy This feature is still on the Sumo product radar and we are prioritizing this feature with other features. I will provide an update when our dev team begins development on this. Thanks.

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