Notifications when Data Sets Fails or Dataflow cannot run

We have a high number of dataset and dataflow that run overnight to prepare the data. We do not use Workbench but many different connectors (GA, AA, Twitter,Instagram, Brandwatch, GoogleSheet,etc..) for different accounts too.


It's highly complicated at times to monitor everything.

Since the beginning we set the "notificatios via email" on when a dataset fails. Great! Unfortunately they go to only one person. The one that has create the dataset.


That's not good enough because at times that person is not around and the rest of the team cannot know that something has gone wrong.

Not a good service that we provide and that's not good enough for us.


Will it be possible to assign those notifications to more than one user? a group perhaps?

OR why not having a "ADMIN" only panel where it is possible to monitor what has gone wrong?



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  • Great idea.  In the meantime, can your one user set up an email forwarding rule outside of Domo, in Outlook perhaps, that forwards those kinds of emails to other individuals?

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Yes, it's doable. We had to do it. Having said so our experience is that it's really necessary to have a panel to be able to monitor what's going on in the data center.

  • @mmanuzzi,


    Thanks for submitting this idea.


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  • Any update on this? This was pushed to pending review in 20187, would be nice to know if some kind of multiple notification systems or monitoring panel is being considered as a potential feature in the near future. Especially for those who do not use Workbench 

  • No updates to share my side, it would be nice though!!!

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