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I currently send out a report every day to alert our sales reps about any open service tickets on their accounts.  I really like this feature, but think that it could be better.


The first issue that I have is that the size of the cards on my Domo page do not match the size of the image they see in the report.

Domo Page:1.png



You can see that the default view for this card (when looking at it on our Domo page) includes 8 columns.  However, when you view the report, you only see the first three columns:2.png

 I would like to see the image in the report match the image in Domo.



The second feature that I would like to see added is an option to write some narrative to go along with the report.  For example, for this report, I actually created a new table card that provided some definitions for the different terms on the card (i.e. what is the difference between a service - demand ticket and a service - planned ticket.  My preference would be to have a "body" portion of the report scheduler that would allow you to write these kinds of generic notes that would always get attached to the report.



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  • I'd really like this card size feature implemented ~ currently only like 30% of the email width is used cutting off the most valuable data. I initially assumed this was a bug and reported it to Domo, and am not sure why it is in fact a design feature. 

    Any updates on whether this is being implemented?

  • I am having this same issue and was hoping I'd find an answer here... unfortunately not!

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