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We have a hundereds of datasets, but sometimes I just want to see the datasets that have PDP applied to the. These are generally the 'final' datasets we use for building cards and apply PDP to. It would be nice if there was a checkbox or a filter option in the data center to quickly see only datasets with PDP applied.It would be a huge timesaver. 

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  • Would tagging the data set with a pdp tag help you identify those data sets?

  • "PDP" doesn't mean anything to almost all our users. Would like to keep the names the same to avoid confusion when using.

  • WIth the new dataset tagging option, I have been using the tags to identifiy data sets with certain information in it for example, any that have payroll data in it is tagged as payroll.  Could you tag the datasets as final or some other name that would be understandable to the users?

    Or alternatively, dataset best practices indicates that using an asterick at the start of a data set name pushes those to the top of the list so that users know those are the final datasets.  Could you do that for the datasets with PDP set for them?

  • I like the original poster's suggestion because there is no way to forget. Tags seem like an okay workaround, but it's too easy to forget to add them or remove them.


    Since Domo knows internally when PDP is applied, it seems like it could add an icon/filter option to the DataCenter interface - I was looking for it just this morning!

  • I've realized now that there is a UI element for the PDP enabled setting in both the DataCenter and at the bottom of each card. The litpdp_on.pngtle pdp_on.png


    little shield icon appears. That's pretty helpful, particularly in the DataCenter when you're trying to review policies. Even so,


    • It would still be a big help to filter out DataSets based on the PDP enabled option being on/off.
    • Some kind of audit/summary mode would be a help to prevent having to click through several screens to get into the settings.
    • It would be nice if in the DataCenter the shield icon was a clickable link right into the PDP page for the DataSet.

    I just had to review, revise, and match up an identical policy on several data sets and it was kind of time-consuming and relied on me to do everything correctly. Like I never make mistakes. Ha! That worries me when the potential harm is data leakage.





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