Traffic Light Report (aka Metric Score Card)

On a number of occasions I needed to display a number of KPIs in a way the team can see which are on track and which are not, then drill into the the KPIs.


A very common approach is a Traffic Light Report format  and I'm surprised Domo does not have an official chart type for this.  


In one project we used an table with HTML like this. pastedImage.png

At another customer Domo consulting developed a customer app 


The key features I'd ike are

  1. Easy to set up and configure
  2. Support a table of KPIs
  3. Show formatted numbers
  4. Support traffic light indicators, e.g, Red, Green, Orange indicators.
  5. Trend sybles, i.e., up down arrows.
  6. Allow rows to be grouped in to a 2 tier heirachy, e..g, Finance KPIs in one group.
  7. Search, filter and Sort by traffic light indicators.
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