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We've had issues where a card was deleted without realizing that it was being used on other pages. Specifically an Admin level user can delete a card that was Shared with them and it will delete the card for all users.


I would like to suggest warning with a list of affected pages before a card is actually deleted. This would have saved us some headaches from having to recreate unknowingly used cards.

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  • Please help me by mistake I have deleted few cards

  • I have accidently deleted some important datasets as well. I really hope we can recover them!

  • It would be very useful to have the ability to recover deleted cards.

    It's very easy to do that by mistake, especially when you place the same card in several dashboards and try to remove the card from a specific dashboard.

    The way it should work would be to mark the card as deleted and filter deleted cards by default everywhere; then you could add a specific menu for deleted cards where those could be re-instated.

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