Stacking bars, but not as sum of series + sum of series (on top of one another)

Hey there. I've been researching to try and find a way to have the bars "stack up" to be "Parts of a whole (amount)", not sum of Series 1 PLUS (+) sum or Series 2. For example, please see screen shot "Example of what tryingt to achieve": 

In this example (taken from a PPT slide), you'll notice on the Legend that the following are all PARTS of a whole (amount)...  For example, in the attached, the following occurs: 
- ORANGE ("Best Case")
- YELLOW ("Commit") and
- GREEN ("Quarter to Date SA" or "QTD SA" -- which means 'actual sales') are all added to be the SUM of the total of the three, and each "Series" of these three (Orange, Yellow, and Green) are part of the "whole" left-hand bar.  And then "Q316" is compared (in blue) BESIDE the left-hand bar. 

If you look at my 2 examples from Domo ("Example 1" and "Example 2"), I am looking for an alternative view where each of the following Series: 
1. Plan (Target SA)
2. Actual (SA)
3. Forecast
... are ALL represented in ONE bar

So, for example, when I try to do that now, if Plan = $1M.... Actual = $2M ... and Forecast = $1.5M... it would show up on 1 bar with a TOTAL of $4.5M. What I want it to illustrate is a TOTAL amount of $2M (highest amount)... with the first $1M being Plan as 1 color... $ .5M "more than Plan" would show as  another color (for Forecast).... and an additional $ .5M "more than Forecast" would show as another color (for Actual)... totally $2M. Does that make sense?? 

THANK YOU in advance!


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  • Starlord
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    Hello user07750!


    I think the solution you're looking for is the "Grouped and Stacked Bar Graph" chart type. See the documentation on this chart type here: 

    It allows you to have one bar with stacked values, and another bar with just one value, like you described.


    Another option to be aware of is the "Grouped and Stacked Bar with Line Graph", which is similar to the above, but also allows you to define a line value as well as the bar values. You can see documentation on this type of chart here:


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