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Is it possbile to show more than one summary numbers at the same time? Say overall average,target, and difference between last month value and target?

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    you can create a beastmode to concat the different values that you want to include.  Then you would want to select that beastmode as your summary number.  This does cause some issues when exporting the cards in different ways, so make sure that you test it out.


    concat("calculated value",' text ',"calculated value 2", ' text 2 ' ... etc )



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  • jhl
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    There is a knowledge base article on customizing your summary number here.

    Code example: 

    CONCAT(Sum(CASE when `Status` <> ’New' then 1 END),' Total, ',sum(case when `Date` >= date_sub(curdate(),INTERVAL 1 MONTH) then 1 else 0 end),' In Last 30 Days’)


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