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I have data at daily level, I'd like to show the average value per each month and also the average value across all dates. Is it possible to do the overall mean calculation in beast mode?

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    You can calculate the overall mean using the chart properties on a Bar Chart type card as shown in the attached image. You can then pair this with an "avg" of the metric / measure in your data trended over the given dates. The time grain on the card can be adjusted dynamically to day, week, month etc and all of your averages will update.



  • See attached screenshots. You can remove the min/max/avg lines and then add a single calculated line back onto the Bar Chart via the chart properties:


    1. Grid Lines: Check the "Remove Min/Max/Avg Lines" box.

    2. Scale Marker: Set the "Type" to "Line" and choose the "Value Type" you want to display on the chart.


    Hope that helps.


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