Is there a way I can display blanks when a value is zero

I am displaying some financial information in a table card. In a few columns of numeric, most of the values are 0. In Excel, I can display them as "-" (w/o the quotes) which makes it very clear that the value is zero and makes the sheet easier to read. Does Domo have a similar option?

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    I think there is no straightforward way of doing that.



    You case use the following beast mode in each column, but you will lose DOMO's native ability to format numbers...


    Here is the Beast Mode Anyway:


    CASE WHEN `Your_Numeric_Field`=0 THEN '-' ELSE CONCAT(`Your_Numeric_Field`,'') END


    Hope this helps.

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  • Thanks. Works for some of my cases (where I am not totalling). 

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