Different Datasets generated from within MYSQL Dataflow versus Data Center

When I finish generating the output Dataset from the MYSQL DataFlow transform queries, I get two different output data sets. When I preview the output dataset in the MYSQL Dataflow I get this dataset.KLRN_JOIN.PNG


But When I click ‘Save and Run’ at the bottom of the page. I go to the Data Center -> DataSets to see the generated dataset but the data is not the same as the dataset in MYSQL DataFlow.  






I am unsure as to why the data is different from within MYSQL Dataflow versus ‘Saving and running’ and then seeing the generated dataset in the Data Center.


  • Hi,


    From my experience and that has happened to me in numerous times (I try not to trust too much on the Preview feature of Dataflows, just use it as a "syntax checker"), when you preview a dataset or a transform inside the dataflow designer it uses only a limited subset of your data, then when you run it it will process all of the data.


    See if this makes sense.



    Ricardo Granada 

    [email protected]

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